Lau Frank is a 20-year-old children's book illustrator from Denmark.
He has been drawing since he could ever pick up a pencil, and he has never stopped. This is why although he is young and only at the beginning of his career, his artwork speaks of a real pro.
On the 8th of February 2021, he decided to turn his passion for drawing into his living. He dropped out of school and went all-in on his art. 
Ever since he dropped out of school, he's been busy working on client work. A couple of months into his professional career he found that children's books were exactly the right field for him.
He has now illustrated 9 children's books for other authors, and more are on their way. 
He soon can call himself an author too...
On the 12th of March, he got the opportunity from the danish publishing house Tellerup to write his own children's book. Writing his own books wasn't something he imagined himself doing until much later in his career. 
He took up the challenge and is now making his debut with his own children's book series of 3 in 2023 as both the illustrator and author.
He is excited to see what the future brings and what fun projects are to come. Don't hesitate to contact him if you got a children's book or another great project you think he might be a good fit for.