Picture Book Ideas 
by Lau Frank 
1. Lilly's Tree
2. Daffy on the Case
3. The Skeleton Who Couldn't Sleep
4. When the Moon Took Over
5. Midnight Feast
6: The Princess Who Rescued a Prince​​​​​​​
Lilly's Tree
Lilly plants a seed inside her shoe. The shoe starts growing, and soon she has a tree in her room. It continues to grow, out the windows, and through the ceiling. Lilly and her brother Willy wonder about the world that might be at the top of the tree. They decide to climb it and discover forest elves helping it grow. The elves are hammering bark, cutting out leaves, and drilling holes for animals to live in. Lilly and Willy help along and when the moon is high above, they climb up to say hello to the moon. Then they all go to bed, with their house now merged into the tree.
Daffy on the Case
When Daffy the pigeon wakes up, something feels different, but he’s not sure what. So, he sets out to investigate why this day feels different. In his detective journey, he meets whimsical characters and suspects everyone is plotting something. Daffy isn’t very big-brained, which makes for lots of fun scenes. In the end, Daffy discovers it’s his birthday, and that is why today felt different.
The Skeleton Who Couldn't Sleep
A skeleton wakes up in his grave. Why he is waking up he does not know. Despite his fear of the dark, he goes up. Unable to fall back asleep, he takes a walk but starts to feel lonely. He decides to dig up some company and finds a dog to play with during the night. When they play fetch the bone flies outside the graveyard, and out of their reach. Then out of the dark an old lady and her little dog come along. They walk up the graveyard and place a light at the skeleton's grave. With the light to keep him safe, the skeleton returns to his grave and falls back into sleep.
When the Moon Took Over
One morning, the moon shows up instead of the sun, ready to spend the day with Tim. To his surprise everyone is still asleep, as they always are when he's out. The moon tries to wake them but can't and feels overlooked. Tim helps the moon realize how important and special he is. The moon tears up, and feels proud to be the moon again. He goes back to his spot and fixes the sun's alarm clock. At nighttime he returns to the sky, and smiles down at Tim.
Midnight Feast
Lisa has a cat, a goldfish, a mouse, and a bird. Every morning she wakes up to find a pet has been eaten. When only her cat is left, she takes it to her room and stays up all night to protect it. That night, she hears someone snacking in the kitchen and is surprised to see a giant troll eating her food. Lisa grabs the troll by its tongue, being sure he ate her pets. The troll gets sad and starts crying. Lisa realizes he meant no harm, so she comforts the troll and makes up a nice a bed for him. The next morning, the troll is gone. Lisa wonders where he might be and hopes he's alright, not realizing it was her cat who ate him, and all the other pets.
The Princess Who Rescued a Prince
Emma is tired of being a princess, because it means no fun! Jealous of her brother the prince, who has rescued a princess, Emma decides to go on her own quest to find and rescue a prince. On her way, she meets a friendly witch and troll, who points her toward a young prince living in a castle without parents. In the meantime, her father the king has sent her brother out to bring her back. On his way he captures the witch and troll, but when he gets to the castle, a big dragon jumps out and scares him away. Emma and the boy rides of on her horse and wave goodbye to their friends, the dragon, troll, and witch.