"Lau is an illustration master who has dedicated his life wholeheartedly to his craft. It's exceptionally rare to encounter someone so proactive, consistently delivering top-notch quality time and time again without pause. His commitment to excellence shines through in both his illustrations and stories, and we take pride in collaborating with him." - Harald, CEO at Tellerup  
Lau Frank is an exceptional illustrator! His ability to bring characters to life and craft storytelling illustrations is beyond what I’ve expected. With minimal guidance, he can translate your manuscript ideas into stunning visuals. Lau is independent and easygoing. His talent improves every book he touches, plus he knows how to captivate readers! I am a big fan. 
Dagmara Sitek 
The Courage Tales Series 
"Lau has been an absolute joy to work with. He brought energy, passion, and creativity into the illustration process, and I consider him a true partner in helping bring my book to life." - Ralph Davis
"Lau is an amazingly gifted artist and an exceptional collaborator. We are on opposite sides of the planet and yet communication was effortless. He is very timely and professional. One trait I highly value is his ability to interpret a concept, read into the idea, and then exceed the original thought. When you work with Lau, you are not just working with an illustrator, but a storyteller, a creative, and someone who can compound your imagination and possibilities. Thank you Lau, for making this such a fun experience and for bringing joy to all those who see your work." -Alex Lamb  
"From the moment I connected with Lau, I knew he had my best interest in mind. I came to him with a very specific character based on a drawing my daughter created and he completely blew all of us away bringing her to life. His attention to detail, responsiveness and creativity is what makes him most impressive. Lau's illustrations are one of a kind and crafted to best match the story's written style. I cannot recommend Lau enough. Not only is he the illustrator of my first children's book, but he's become a life long friend. THANK YOU for bringing my vision to life, Lau!" - Kimberly Perry
“I LOVE working with Lau! He is an amazing illustrator that really listens to my idea’s and then makes them even better than I imagined! His communication is impeccable and and he is an absolute delight to work with! He made my children’s book really come to life and jump right off the page. It has had great reviews and everyone comments on how great the illustrations are! He is working on my next book and I’m looking forward to many more collaborations with this amazing and warm and friendly artist! Thank you Lau!”- Mandy Williams
“Lau was amazing to work with for one of our current projects. Provided him with minimal art notes and he was able to use his imagination and creativity to create an amazing composition. We will definitely work with him again in the future. - Edgar with nextCore Books
"Thank you to Lau Frank for agreeing to illustrate a subject you just learned, and to dive in wholeheartedly. Your professionalism, passion, and commitment are to be rewarded!" - Steve Brown
"Lau has been such a great man to work with! He has real talent. My husband that is a graphic designer is very impressed. I gave Lau my manuscript for a children's book and it didn't take long for him to come up with amazing ideas. 
Lau's sketches were great and I was very happy with them. Then he sent me the colored, finished illustrations and I was Soo elated with them! I have giggled and smiled with excitement when I look at the illustrations. Even after seeing them multiple times. Lau's work will definitely be the highlight and seller of my book. 
Lau was very easy to work with and also quick to respond and make changes I requested. This project turned into a great partnership with Lau. I will definitely work with him again.  Pricing for his services is very reasonable and comparable to his work. Thank you so much, Lau, for breathing life into my words!" - Marcie Greenmun
"Lau has been an absolute pleasure to work with. This is my first book, so I really didn't have a clue as to what I was doing and he walked me through the process from start to finish! My story was written, but I still needed the artwork to bring my story to life. He was able to make that happen, from what I can tell, with little to no effort. I am so amazed at how quickly he took my story and created the characters and the environment the way I envisioned it should be. I look forward to working with him again on my future projects and highly recommend him to anyone wanting to bring their book project to the next level! He is a true professional through and through and now someone I consider a good friend. Thank you, Lau, for making this an amazing experience for me. You truly are one of a kind!" - Daniel Crossgrove
"Lau is amazing! Talented, efficient, an absolute pleasure to work with. I look forward to our next project!" - Kristina Eklund
"If you are lucky enough to work with Lau you will find his work brings your story to a whole new dimension. Initially very impressed with Lau's ability to bring out expressions in his character designs, we also quickly realised he was easily able to develop hugely appealling characters, and work with us to create exciting imagery for children as they travel through a story. Lau is very professional, and will note small details which make your experience even more enjoyable. He is most certainly a rising talent, and he made our first experience in developing a book a very enjoyable and rewarding. He also made us smile every time we had a message from him, the logo was exactly what we were looking for and he understood the kind of image we wanted to convey - fun and friendly. Thank you for all your professionalism and your incredible imagination Lau, we are looking forward to working with you on many more projects." - Caroline Williams
"Lau clearly exceeded my expectations in terms of result, teamwork and on-time delivery and I thank him beyond measure for his excellent artistic work." - Richard Aronjo